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I have sewing jitters, in a way it's because I can't do alot at the moment in house, on the other hand it's because I know a big load of orders are waiting to be made by me.
Altough sceduled to begin in April and my clients know this ofcourse, I still feel the pressure.
If I have learned anything from 2009, it's that scedules,planning can disapear the moment things don't run smoothly.
And the fact that our house will get a new bathroom, all the walls plasterd, floors need to be laid,all the windowframes sanded down and painted (which I donot! look forward too), everything else painted,furniture moved from the storage and my moms house, all the cleaning, all the little things that need to be put up,made,curtains, stuff for the cats.
And I'm not even talking about our HUGE!!! garden that has to be cleaned out from everything, tiles, three,scrubs and so on and rebuild.

Also I'm getting a job on the side for 3 days in the week, I could use some financial support after spending 6 months from 2009 either taking care of my mom or being sick.
The immense pressure of sewing harder then I can, taking more orders then I can and then failing to do so is not something I would like to repeat.
Orders will come in , I just need some financial suport to ease my inner turmoil, make sewing actually fun and be therefor more prodcutive.
I have given up on feeling sad about the job on the side, the only trouble now is finding one.
In the beginning I will not be picky at all, I can always look for something else in the meantime.

Still, I have done alot of cleaning up in house, moving boxes around, organising and cleaning out boxes whenever possible.
Happy to have my dishwasser,fridge,freezer,washer and dryer!!!
At this point I'm doing alot behind the computer, calling companies for stuff around the house, paying bills, emailing, making sure my new adres is on every online profile, website and so on.
I really need to lay down plywood on the attic, then thats finished, I can put up the closets and everything, then one floor of this house is done.
I'm a bit impatient , have you noticed ;)
I really like to plan and organise every step and used to be a lot easier when it came to a house and everything than I am now, I think it's left over from our previous house catastrophe..
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