Robinia_Acacia (robinia_acacia) wrote,

Happy bride!

I scare believe it, I actually had a pleasant bride who was thankful for her outfit!
I was immensly nervous but also confidant I deliverd a good looking outfit, plus the bride had been very friendly and easy going.
She fell complety still when seeing her outfit for the first time...scariest minute of my life!
The first thing she said was , that the dres was even prettier then she expected!
After putting on all the varios layers, she was so happy she even hugged me!
I am so overwhelmed with joy, it has been a couple of days, I didn't dare believe it went right this time, I was afraid to feel safe...



Unfortunely it isn't obvious on the pictures how beautiful this dress is and how magical the silk!
The outfit is the Madame de Lamballe outfit from my website and is made out of 3 tone Silk Taffeta in 3 purple shades.
The pettiecoat had a ruffle with scalloped and pinked edges and a glass pearl string.
Both the pettiecoat and stomacher are made out of blue/purple/silver Silk taffeta.
The bodice and skirt are made out of darker purple/blue/aqua Silk taffeta and embellished with pleated, hand scalloped and pinked trimmings, made out of dark purple 3 tone Silke Taffeta.

She also wanted a matching necklace and earrings made out of the same 3tone glass pearls as the pettiecoat has.
I also made a white cotton Panier and a handkerchief linnen chemise.

I wish I had a fitting doll that is the same size as the lady in question, but I am getting pictures from the wedding and am very excited!
She really looked like an 18th century lady, altough her normal dresswear is jeans and a t-shirt, see everybody looks good in historical garb!

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