Robinia_Acacia (robinia_acacia) wrote,

He's back!!!!

He's back, he's safe!
My litte angel is home again!
My horrible neighbour found hime in her kitchen, she was having a party in the garden and didn't notice until an hour ago!

I'm sooo happy, he's is more then a pet to us, he is what children are to others, part of the family.
I was so afraid that he was run over ( we live at a megaaaa busy 2-way, double street leading up to the high way and coming from amsterdam) or stolen.
Pedigree cats often get stolen and Ragdolls are known for being friendly to everybody!
The first thing Kimahri does when somebody visits, is crawl unto their laps and ask for cuddles!!!!
He's sweet and a total badass too, the one who wrecks the house ,who is always on the kitchen counter and who always rolls around in the mud in the garden.
But I couldn't imagine my life without him!!!!

Yeah he's home again !!!:D
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