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2 Antique Victorian Bodices and 2 Parasols!!

These treasures are all from my trip to Normandy, the guy who sold this had a little place packed with antique clothing, hats, bags, fans,umbrella's, tablecloths,laces and so on!
Everything was packed on top of each other, boxes reaching the ceiling, this guy was a serieus obsessed collector, he didn't even have room for his own bed anymore.
Everyhting was very afordable, especially since the guy would lower his price with 20 euros everytime your raised an eyebrow or looked pensieve...
My egyptian part of me came up and I went bargaining!

The first parasol I completly fell in love in because of the unusual shap of the frame and the beautiful handel.
The silk is al torn or missing, so I have the recover this.
I'm not sure if it's Victorian, but looking at my files it may have very well been!


This umbrella has seen difficult times too but I really don't mind and maybe I will take it with me to the picnic on Sarabande.
It has a cotton cover with crocheted lace on the edges and overlay which hangs loos and either need to be hung well when opening or stitched here and there by hand.


These 2 are my prides, I'm so lucky to have found them and have already learnt alot so this is why I include so many pictures from the inside.
There is no label so I think it was made by the lady herself or a maid in her household.
The outer fabric is very stiff and coarse and I think some sort of silk/wool blend,
The collar has black lace and is made out of silk satin, it has a false pleated front, as if one was wearing a blouse underneath.
It has spiral steel boning which has been rusting and a waisttape.
I cannot tell you what kind of lining has been used exactly, something cotton...
As far as I can tell it has not been remade or patched up.





I thought I could never afford a Beauty like this!
It's very small, too small for my dressform even and has a beautiful Chantilly lace overlay and trimmings.
The false frond is embroiderd with black glass beading and closes with buttons and hooks.
The shoulders have lace trimmings as well as the bottom of the Bodice which ends in a point front and back.
The buttons are still all acounted for and have also been coverd with the same lace.
It looks very fancy and might be an evening bodice for a young lady( I read somewhere that the host of a dinner was allowed to wear black).
The silk is tatterd at the neck where the hooks are placed to keep the false front in place.
The funny thing is that this bodice was made in Caen, a place we have been several times!
I think it has whalebone, since there are no rustmarks and it doesn't seem like metal boning, the waist tape is also still there.
It has been lined with silk and all seams are coverd with biastape made out of the same fabric as the lining.
There is also a hook which help up the pettiecoat or maybe even a bustlepad.






I find it very hard to date these items, even with all my books and files!
So if anybody can help me pinpoint the date exactly or has more info, I would love to hear about it!
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Deleted comment

I will ask her :)
Beautiful acquisitions!! I am so envious!
Thank you, I'm really so happy!
They're beautiful.

I have a couple of umbrellas/parasols just like that top one there! Beautiful long wooden handles but torn fabric. The gentleman I got them from thinks they are Edwardian (they belonged to his great-grandmother or something), which would make sense I suppose... I guess they'd have to have tall handles to go over big hair and big hats!
Well the handle isn't that long really, I have modern parasols which have longer handles...
But anyway, I really love them all and will cover it as soon as I can decide with what color!!!
I really want to make the right decision which means it will take me months haah
Sorry it took me so long to post. The first bodice is a bit tricky to date. It is definately between the late 1890s and 1910. I lean towards 1898 or so.

The second bodice is a classic late Victorian from the mid 1880s-mid 1890s

Love them!!
Thank you for the info, I always find it soo difficult to date items your actually holding then seeing in a fashionplate for example.
Great to know from which period they are, I can already imagine the skirts that went along.

Do you think the lace one might be an evening bodice?
It is not likely to be an evening bodice as it would be lower cut in the neck and much shorter in the sleeve. It may be a reception bodice, visiting bodice, or simply a beautiful version of daywear or mourning.