Robinia_Acacia (robinia_acacia) wrote,

New pictures from Viona Art shoot!!!

You have seen the teaser and now I will show you the rest!!!
I'm extremly happy with how the photo's came out and want to thank Viona (photographer), Sannie (model), Berengere (Model), Mark (model and my hunny) and Debbie Declerq MUA for an amazing collaboration!!!!!!!

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Absolutely stunning and wonderful to look at!! :D
Thank you, I'm very happy with the outcome!!
Fantastic! And I love the attetion of Viona at the colors!
She is really an amazing photographer!

Deleted comment

Thank you!
I love Viona's photography, she always knows how the photograph you so you look great!
You know this already, but let me post it: the photos are so great! Really beautiful pics and costumes of course.
Thank you!
I'm really happy with the outcome.
Gorgeous, simply gorgeous my dear!
Thank you sweety!